Kalashnikov TG2 chambered for .366ТКМ

    The Russians are busy inventing new rifles and Kalashnikov Group have announced a rifle called TG2 chambered for the .366ТКМ round.

    The looks and appearance are identical to the AK 103 rifle, however the TG2 has a smooth barrel with paradox rifling. In short, a Paradox is a combination gun that can fire both pellets like a shotgun and Paradox bullets like a rifle.

    Below: Is this an AK-103 or a TG2? Well, no one can tell for sure as the looks are identical.

    The TG2 366 TKM comes with a side rail for scope mounts and a proprietary 10-round magazine.

    The ballistics of the 366 TKM is identical to 7,62×39 mm up to 100 m, if we’re to believe Kalashnikov.

    Now, who would want this you may ask? The intention for the TG2 is that in some countries it can be bought under the usual license for smooth-bore weapons. To get a license for a “real” rifle, with a rifled barrel, is more or less impossible.

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean it’s coming to the US and other markets. I would think this is a product more focused on local markets with legislation that makes owning rifles difficult. I think the Government is trying to say that their citizens are only allowed to reach out up to 100 meters, and with low-velocity firearms.

    The muzzle brake has M24x1,5RH threading.

    The .366 TKM round. The “shotgun” that is a rifle. At least up to 100 meters. Kalashnikov doesn’t mention if there are magazines with more than 10 rounds available.

    .366 inches is about 9,29 mm, so a bit larger than the 7,62 mm. There seems to be plenty of force down range to knock the steel.

    Pictures taken from Kalashnikov Media and the video.

    You can check the VIDEO of the TG2 here.

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