Superior Shooting Systems 5 STAR Muzzle Brake

    Superior Shooting Systems, the company founded by David Tubb, has introduced a new muzzle device called 5 Star Muzzle Brake. It is designed for 6mm (.243) caliber rifles. Obviously, it will be compatible with smaller calibers and if you want to use this muzzle brake with calibers larger than 6mm, then you’ll need to increase the exit hole diameter.

    The 5 Star muzzle brake is threaded with 3/4×24 thread pitch. It is made of 416 stainless steel. There are two rows of five ports on each side of the brake. The ports are facing to 2, 4, 8 and 10 o’clock directions. There are also five holes on top of the muzzle brake to make it work as a muzzle rise compensator, too. Judging by the images, the upper and lower ports are connected to each other via machined holes.

    Here is a video showing flour blown through this muzzle brake replicating the path of the redirected gases escaping the brake.

    Over the years, David Tubb has developed a set of requirements for a muzzle device which the 5 Star muzzle brake is designed to meet. Below are those requirements quoted from the Superior Shooting Systems Facebook page.

    1. Recoil reduction is certainly important but certainly not the only parameter of importance.

    2. The ability to stay on target is very high on my list – which will require an asymmetrical design.

    3. Some tuneability of the brake is also desirable and while this is not designed as a muzzle tuner, the ability to turn a complete revolution either in or out in direction from muzzle flush to the back of the first port often yields a smaller group.

    4. Being able to comfortably use this brake with either a set of ear plugs or a set of ear muffs is important. Brakes which blow the gas to the rear require me to use both plugs and muffs.

    5. A brake which will conform to the International Benchrest Shooters rules is always a plus.

    6. A brake whose ports are positioned so as not to disturb the ground in front (no dirt blown on myself or a competitor next door).

    7. While I am completely in agreement that an effective brake for a 40 gr capacity case only needs 3 or 4 sets of ports to be very effective, a 90 grain capacity case will effectively utilize all 5 sets of ports. If desired you can machine off a complete set of ports and still have an effective and good looking brake.

    8. Thread diameters of smaller than 5/8” are suspect in my opinion for bores larger than 6mm. The 5 Star brake is a ¾ x24 tpi design. Threaded adapter sleeves in 5/8 x 24 tpi are available if you already have your muzzle threaded as such.

    Superior Shooting Systems will start shipping the 5 Star brake from November 28th, 2017. The price will be $109 which also includes the locking nut. Until November 27th it is possible to preorder the brake at a slightly lower introductory price of $99.95. Adapters for a more popular 5/8×24 thread pitch will be available separately for $10.

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