New KREBS Custom PD-18 AK Pistol

    Krebs Custom is one of the few companies which name is associated with the highest-end AK rifles on the market. Recently, the company has introduced a new AK pistol called PD-18. These are Polish AKM based builds chambered in 7.62x39mm.

    An example of a basic Polish AKM which PD-18 is based on

    The PD-18 pistol has a 30.75″ overall length and a 10.6″ hammer forged barrel. The pistol weighs 6 lbs 12oz. It also comes with Krebs Custom Interchangeable Muzzle System (IMS) muzzle device. The front sight/gas block combo is made of 4140 steel heat treated to 40 Rockwell hardness and featuring chrome lining. The rear sight housing is made of 7075 aluminum with a steel support. The front sight post and rear sight aperture are borrowed from the AR-15 platform. PD-18 also has a steel Picatinny rail in place of the original AK rear sight.

    A new proprietary extended handguard is used for this build. The AR-15 pistol buffer tube is mounted on Krebs Custom stock adapter and is equipped with a Tailhook Mod 1 brace. Other features include the Krebs enhanced safety selector, Magpul pistol grip and ALG trigger custom fitted to the action.

    PD-18 pistols are available for purchase from 22nd of November, 2017. They will sell 6 such rifles that are already built. Ten more rifles will be available within a week. The price for the PD-18 pistol is $2,150.


    Hrachya H

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