Compact Green Laser Sight from Leapers


    Leapers, Inc. announced a new compact green laser for handguns. Part of the company’s UTG brand, the new Compact Ambidextrous Green Laser is a small unit designed for handguns. This unit is designed as a supplemental aiming system for pistols. It has ambidextrous controls: switches on both the right and left sides of the unit can control the momentary on/off and constant on/off functions.┬áSay what you want to about the name, it is descriptive of the unit’s function.

    According to Leapers, the unit has a system that is designed to provide the “most precise” windage and elevation adjustments and ability to retain zero. It is called “True Strength Platform with Smart Spherical Structure and 4-point design featuring double coiled erector return springs.” Seems wordy.


    As many of you know green lasers tend to have a brighter appearance than red lasers. Traditionally, the down sides to green lasers (compared to red lasers) include needing larger units to make the laser, a greater power drain and an increase in manufacturing costs. However, companies have been making advancements in reducing the power drain and overall size of the units.

    The R&D and manufacturing still drives up green laser prices. Even so, this Leapers UTG unit has a suggested retail price of $99.97. From a price perspective, this puts it ahead of most of its competitors. The only question I have is how durable is the product at that price? If it cannot hold zero or breaks down during normal shooting, the inexpensive price tag is no bargain.

    Richard Johnson

    An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is