Where Does S&T Motiv Go From Here? K2C-2 and K2C-1 Variants, Coyote Tan and SPW Stocks

    We earlier released a post detailing the new K2C-2 development by Korean S&T Motiv, and recently showcased at ADEX 2017 in Seul. However what we didn’t mention is the apparent development of the K2C-1 which appeared in images of the show but not in any specific detail. What specifically interests TFB is the extremely odd stock that was featured on the “K2C-1” weapon in the display case, right next to the K2C-2 with the standard telescoping M4 stock. This particular stock isn’t new, but was introduced by Colt Defense in 2011 as the Sub Compact Weapon. It was a 10-inch barrel AR variant that utilized this unique folding, collapsing and adjustable length of pull stock. The buttplate folded into the cheek rest, while being adjustable as well. The entire contraption can be folded to the left of the carbine allowing it to take up much less room overall. Colt’s original purpose of it was for “vehicle & aircraft crews, joint forces, special operations forces, and reconnaissance units”, basically anyone who needs the weapon to fit into a small space. But it doesn’t seem to have had very many public sales, or at least enough to be noticed on the international market.

    What is important to note is that although S&T Motiv has the buffer tube attached, but this appears to be only a fixture to put a decent stock on, and not an actual functioning buffer tube.

    Images are from a Korean forum

    So with this designated K2C-1 stock, it sticks out more than a usual folding stock because it is still based around that buffer tube when folded, but then also provides much less support when extended as it appears to only be a simple latch holding it in place.

    The original SPW from Colt’s website-

    Knowing that there is numerous political negotiation over South Korea’s next service rifle, S&T Motiv has had some success selling the K2C series overseas, even to Iraq’s ISOF forces. I wouldn’t be surprised if this particular variant were perhaps slated for an export capacity.

    In other news, the K2C and K2C-2 was recently shown at Defense & Security 2017 in Bangkok, the K2C with a coyote tan finish

    A TFB reader recently corrected us and informed the blog that the tan version has actually been around since 2012 or 2014


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