IC13 Introduces Modern Day Bandoleer with the INVRT Line

    The firearms accessories company IC13, in coordination with Lunar Concepts has come out with a modern-day equivalent of the Second World War or Vietnam era bandoleers, albeit in a much less expendable version as the en-bloc clip and M14 magazine bandoleers were designed for. IC13’s INVRT is a PALS equipped bandoleer that comes in either Multicam, Ranger Green, Coyote, and Black. Essentially it is a traditional bandoleer with an additional strap and quick releases for both. On the front, it has vertical PALS webbing that allows users to attach single STANAG pouches in a row across the chest, in addition to a compact medical kit that IC13 offers as well. On the other side of a velcro section, there is horizontal PALS webbing to ideally attach a pistol magazine. Although IC13 makes all these accessories themselves as apart of their INVRT line, users can choose their own accessories to put on the bandoleer.

    From the press release

    IC13 is proud to announce the release of the INVRT Bandoleer and its accompanying accessories.

    Designed in collaboration with Lunar Concepts, the INVRT™ is a bandoleer-style chest rig system based upon two concepts: speed and simplicity.  The INVRT™ magazine pouches are specifically designed to be used in the inverted position, with or without the shock cord keepers.  The angled placement and inverted orientation of the magazines on the INVRT™ allows for rapid magazine changes, and the minimalist design maintains a small, lightweight package.

    The INVRT platform is user configurable thanks to its generous PALS webbing and hook/loop fields, but is also available in a “Full Kit” complete with rifle magazines pouches, pistol pouch, and medical pouch.

    The Multicam version of the INVRT begins shipping on November 20th, 2017, with Ranger Green, Coyote, and Black following shortly thereafter.  The INVRT will also be available in specialized colors such as Multicam Black in limited runs.

    I like this idea a lot as it is trying to update an item from several decades ago to the current time frame. It isn’t necessarily trying to replace a plate carrier or chest rig, so much as complimenting them in ways where both aren’t usable. For example, I could easily see the INVRT being used by Law Enforcement officers responding to an active shooter call. Many LE officers already wear Kevlar under their uniforms, so donning a plate carrier is simply creating more bulk on bulk. They already have fully equipped belts, but might not want a chest rig either. Being first on scene with a patrol rifle in their cruisers might require additional magazines and first responder medical equipment. Especially in black, this bandoleer could be seen as a low-profile option with civilians around.


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