Leapers Releases New Slim Rear Sight

    Leapers rear sight

    Leapers Inc. announced a new rear sight for the AR style of firearm called the Super Slim Fixed Rear Sight. Released under the UTG brand, the new sight mounts to a Picatinny type rail and is designed to work with an A2 type front sight tower. It has a Torx head screw for mounting to the rail. A lot of rail accessories use a hex head screw, so fair warning.

    Leapers rear sight

    It is made from 6061-T6 aluminum and can adjust for windage and elevation without the need for any tools. The Super Slim Fixed Rear Sight has dual apertures between which you can flip back and forth. The unit has a matte black finish.

    Leapers set the suggested retail price at $34.97, so I would expect you should be able to find these for less than $30 at the usual online sales shops.

    Leapers rear sight

    Leapers gets a lot of negative press, but some of the company’s products are pretty good for the money. I recognize that not every reader has the money to invest in the top gear and may need something adequate to get by on until the household budget improves. This Leapers sight might be one of those kinds of products.

    Richard Johnson

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