Turkey’s latest MFY-71 GPMG in Active Testing by MKEK

    Last month drawings of MKEK’s domestically produced FN MAG were released to the public, along with a 5.56x45mm NATO design. Through that and the specification pages on the companies website, we know that the company is finally coming out to the public over long-term plans to replace aging MG3s made under license by MKEK since 1974. What we have now is video footage of what appears to be function-testing of an MKEK MFY-71 (Makineli Tüfek-71/ Machine Gun 71) GPMG outside a factory or at least a rudimentary test range. The barrel lacks any front sight, and doesn’t have a final factory finish applied, along with the receiver rivets, feed tray cover, and bipod.

    This is the original video, actually linked to from the Turkish defense products website

    And another mashup, just in case that one gets taken down-

    The design appears to be combining portions of the classical FN MAG and the Soviet PKM general purpose machine gun. From the FN MAG is the open gas tube, smaller carrying handle, and no picatinny rail on the feed tray cover, while from the PKM is the elongated compensator that is found on heavier barrel PKMs and earlier models, in addition to some foreign derivatives.

    Throughout this update we must bear in mind that there is still further design modification to come. If anything, this entire machine gun development has taken far too long (some estimates since 2009 when Kale and MKEK were working on a joint machine gun), with Turkish Infantry probably even preferring an actual PKM copy over an FN MAG based one. This Turkish soldier left us a comment on the last update-

    Mountain fighting units always choose PKM’s over MG3’s.
    I don’t know where you heard that the PKM is not accurate, but that information is incorrect.
    PKM is very accurate. It is relatively light and it fires at a reasonable rate.
    It is just as reliable as an MG3, if not more so, and is very well built.
    The Turkish army never produced or purchased PKM’s mind you.
    They are captured weapons.
    We use them because we like them better.

    A PKM is extremely useful when you see enemy movement from across a valley.
    A well aimed burst can stop them dead in their tracks and keep them pinned down. That gives you time to re-position.
    A fast firing 7.62 can spray all over the place. If the bullets land farther away from them, they will usually chance it. Rate of fire is not useful in mountain fighting.
    Weight is important, accuracy is important.

    They polled Mountain units for a new machine gun design a while back. Everybody just said: If you can improve the PKM, do it. Otherwise, just give us PKM’s. I don’t know why they did the MAG.

    I personally liked the weapon very much. I never fired it in an engagement.
    I carried the ammo.
    I carried a lot less ammo than I would have for an MG3.


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