SIG SAUER “Perfection Action Kit” from Grayguns


    While much of the recent talk around SIG SAUER has been about the company’s P320 handguns and various rifle offerings, its traditional line of handguns continue to be very popular with shooters. Guns like the P220 and P226 continue to be good sellers for the company even though the hammer-fired designs are decades old.

    Grayguns, Inc. announced continued support of the traditional SIG pistols with an updated Perfection Action Kit. This redesigned package is intended to improve the smoothness of the trigger pull, reduce overtravel, provide a more positive reset and break clean in single action mode.

    There are two basic kits: one intended for self-defense guns and another designed for competition pistols. Both versions of the kit appear to reduce the weight of the double action pull, while the duty kit keeps the single action pull “appropriate for self defense or duty use.” Details on the parts included in theĀ self-defense kit can be found here. The parts in the competition kit can be found here.


    Both kits are compatible with the company’s trigger options. One trigger is a flat face model while the other has a more traditional curve. Both trigger models can be made of steel or aluminum. The stock SIG SAUER triggers do work with these kits, so you are not required to upgrade that part unless you want to.

    The Perfect Action Kits have a retail price of $240. If you want to add one of the company’s triggers, those run from $47.50 to $59.50 depending on the one you want. The company also offers installation of the kits for $99.

    Richard Johnson

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