SIG 516 Patrol Rifles in Service with Turkish Special Police Teams

    Turkish security outlets on social media have recently been posting numerous photographs of Turkey’s law enforcement special operations, the PÖH armed with Sig Sauer 516 Patrol rifles or variants thereof. At TFB we’ve been slowly following the New Hampshire based Sig Sauer in exporting rifles to various LE and Military agencies overseas. Most notably with Pakistani special operations forces with the SIG516 PDW, and Iraqi Special Operations Forces (not mentioned in post) with the M400 serving alongside Rock River Arms carbines. Currently, with the Turkish PÖH, it appears that Sig is slowly taking over the issue 5.56x45mm NATO service rifle issue and becoming more widespread. The rifles being issued are either piston operated, gas adjustable Sig 516 Patrol rifles, or gas impingement Sig 516 Patrol rifles, both with what appear to be 14.5-inch barrels. We’ve also noticed a third party compensator installed on some of the rifles, in addition to the A2 birdcage flashhider. We have one photograph of a Sig 516 being select fire, so this is most likely the case with the others.

    This is the single example we have so far of a 7.62x51mm NATO Sig 716 rifle with a 20 round magazine, flanked by two Sig 516s. It would appear that the PÖH, similar to the Army’s Special Operations groups have very low opinions of the MPT76…

    Notice the different compensators

    Direct Impingement rifles. It is possible that these are part of an earlier purchase that was evaluating the rifles, then the decision was made to purchase the piston operated rifles.

    Nothing about the M400 or the SIG 516 makes it that much more reliable or accurate over any other garden variety select fire garden variety on the market, even when compared to other piston operated AR15s. What is most likely the case is that Sig Sauer knows how to legally and efficiently export select fire rifles overseas, with the proper licensing, permits, and end-user certificates as would be required for Iraq, Turkey, and Pakistan. And of course, knows how to negotiate this bureaucratic and political minefield coming out at the other end with a budget price for these countries security services.

    These examples are of Sig 516s with Beta C drum magazines, or at least copies of them attached.

    Special thanks to Aybars for sharing these links!


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