Danish Army Begins Pistol Trials to Replace SIG P210


    The Royal Danish Army, Hæren, are reportedly about to embark on trials to replace the venerable SIG P210, which has been in Danish service since 1949.

    The iconic P210 is world renowned as one of the finest pistols ever to be issued as a standard issue sidearm. It’s build quality and accuracy set it apart from many of its contemporaries and make it a highly sought after collectors piece today.

    The Danish Army, however, still issue the P210 as the m/49. But with an 8-round single stack magazine and increasingly obsolete controls there are dozens of modern, high capacity, ambidextrous pistols which might better serve the Hæren. 

    The m/49 in action at the range (Hæren)

    Earlier this year the Danes conducted a study of the striker fired pistols available on the market which has apparently narrowed down the choices for Denmark’s future pistol. The Danes are not only in search of a full size duty pistol but also a compact handgun. The pistol trials will test weapons from four companies, including: the Canik’s TP9 and TP9SF, Glock’s 17 and 19, SIG Sauer’s P320 full size and compact (which have been adopted by the US Army as the M17 and M18) and Smith & Wesson’s M&P9 2.0 and 2.0 Compact. Each company must submit five full-size pistols and one compact for testing.

    Danish infantry take part in 2014 shooting competition (Hæren)

    The elite Danish SF unit the Jægerkorpset currently use the H&K USP9 SD, however, a 2016 press release announcing the pistol programme, from the Forsvarsministeriets Materiel- og Indkøbsstyrelse (the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization), stated [via google translate] that “the new gun replaces not only Gun M/49, but can eventually replace all of the guns in use in the Armed Forces. However, this depends on the future choice. For example, special operation forces, dog leaders and military police may eventually use the new defense-related gun.”

    The Danish Army hopes to select a new pistol by the end of 2018, with the replacement programme scheduled to begin in 2019. This will mark an impressive 70 years of service for the m/49.

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