The GUARD: NEW CMMG MkGs Guard 9mm AR-15


    CMMG has announced that they have a new pistol caliber carbine (PCC) on the block, and it is not just the same ol’, same ol’ like you have come to expect from PCC rifles. Their new MkGs Guard 9mm has the looks and functionality to be a champion, but that does not win matches, protect yourself or win over your range buddies. What can though, is a highly reliable PCC when a lot on the market are suspect or not 100% reliable everyday of the week.

    This is the Press Release that CMMG has put out for their newest offering:

    Boonville, MO – Meet CMMG’s new MkGs GUARD in 9mm.  The GUARD is a pistol caliber carbine (PCC) AR15 that is fed from 33-round factory Glock magazines and runs on CMMG’s patent pending Radial Delayed Blowback operating system.  An incredibly smooth shooter, the new GUARD in 9mm is a great option for home defense, PCC competition, or as a plinker to bring to the range.

    The feature that sets the GUARD apart from the competition is the unique Radial Delayed Blowback operating system.

    CMMG first invented Radial Delayed Blowback to reliably chamber .45 ACP, which was the first caliber introduced in the GUARD platform earlier this year.  The recoil impulse of .45 ACP called for a new operating system that would compensate for the sizable recoil impulse without adding additional weight to the carrier and buffer.  Straight blowback was not the solution and so Radial Delayed Blowback was born.

    Now, when using the same Radial Delayed Blowback operating system to chamber 9mm, CMMG’s newest version of the GUARD boasts a lighter buffer and bolt carrier group than other 9mm PCC’s that use a straight blowback system.  The combined difference in weight of the BCG and buffer when comparing straight blowback versus Radial Delayed Blowback can be as much as 6.5 ounces.

    This reduction in reciprocating mass on the CMMG GUARD makes it a smoother shooting firearm, and makes it easier to keep follow-up shots on target.  Whether using the GUARD for home defense or for competition, fast and accurate follow-up shots can determine success or failure.

    CMMG also put a high emphasis on having fully functional AR15 controls, including last round hold open. The GUARD features an all-new patent pending dual-pinned, fully machined bolt catch linkage. This linkage provides consistent and reliable operation straight out of the box with no need for adjustments or fine tuning. The actuation from this linkage is robust enough that it still uses a standard bolt catch spring.

    The MkGs GUARD comes with one 33-round factory Glock magazine. Bolt weight kits will be sold separately for those who wish to fine-tune the GUARD for suppressor usage.

    If the phrase Radial Delayed Blowback, referring to the bolt operating system of the rifle sounds confusing which is understandable, here is a small video that will hopefully more simply explain that process.

    Like CMMG stated in their Press Release, this patent pending design of a blowback system is more smooth, has less muzzle rise, and as a result, more reliable compared to a traditional blowback design that so many PCC rifles rely on.

    Once these rifles begin to hit retail and internet shelves, the MSRP of the MKGs Guard 9mm is slated for $1,299.95 per unit.

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