It’s a Bit Chewy: New Polymer TACO from High Speed Gear

    Yummy Tacos

    High Speed Gear recently announced the company was now selling a new generation of magazine carriers based on the concepts around its original TACOs. The new Polymer TACOs use many of the same design features as the TACOs, but they now include polymer materials that are said to offer lighter weight and be more resilient when wet.

    Original TACO magazine pouches are liked by a lot of people due to the ability to the relatively easy way to use and adjust them. A single rifle magazine pouch can hold a wide range of magazine sizes from USGI-type to FAL, AK, M14 and more.

    PolyTACOs Graphic4

    There are five new Polymer TACO pouches. They are:

    • Poly Pistol TACO – This is a single mag pouch that can be adjusted to hold a wide range of full size pistol magazines and tactical flashlights. Color options include black, coyote brown, olive drab green and wolf grey. The MSRP is $26.
    • Poly MINI TACO – This is similar to the Poly Pistol TACO but with shorter sides. This exposes more of the magazine body making it easier to draw a mag or light from the pouch. It has a list price of $23 and can be had in the same colors as the Poly Pistol TACO.
    • Poly Rifle TACO – This is the basic rifle magazine pouch. It has a suggested retail of $33 and is available in the same colors as above.
    • Poly X2R TACO – If you want to carry two rifle mags, the Poly X2R might be of interest. It stacks two AR mags on top of each other.┬áIt retails for $52 with the same color options.
    • Poly Double Decker TACO – In a single unit, the Poly Double Decker allows you to stack a pistol magazine on top of a rifle magazine. Both are stored in a separate section so you won’t lose one if you draw the other out. The MSRP is $47. It can also be had in the four standard colors.

    The new Polymer TACOs are backed by High Speed Gear with a lifetime warranty.

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