POTD: Bicep Arm Holster

    There are things that certainly cause you to ask “what the heck were they thinking”? Well the Proud Right Winger Bicep Holster is a perfect example of ” [they] were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

    I cannot believe this is a real product. Yes, the guy in the photo above is carrying what looks like a Desert Eagle. How does he even draw that pistol out when it is holstered like that? I feel like someone is making fun of me or maybe they are the ultimate trolls. I want to believe they just put this ridiculous holster up for sale to see who is stupid enough to buy this accident waiting to happen


    Look at the picture above. The image in the lower right demonstrates how to shoot yourself through your armpit. Awesome (heavy sarcasm).

    I saw this posted online earlier last week and it was free as long as you pay for shipping and handling. I guess they got enough suckers because now it is being sold for $16.97. I find it disingenuous for companies to hide behind the Second Amendment while selling questionable products.

    If these guys are trolling us then they should have gone for gold and worn this shirt while concealing a pistol on each bicep.