Veterans Day, A Gesture of Gratitude from TFB

    From the entire TFB Team, we wish to thank service men and women of all nations who have stepped up and answered the call to national defense, especially in times of war. We owe all of you an extreme level of gratitude and appreciation. Although we have Veterans Day in the United States, Commonwealth nations have Remembrance Day, both resulting from the end of hostilities at the closure of the First World War in 1918.

    This day in the United States is about the living. Memorial Day is about those who have passed during times of violent conflict. However, the end of war is not the end of a serving Marine, Soldier, Sailor or Airman’s struggle with that particular conflict. Especially today where young service members are often entering a society that appears to be increasingly a polar opposite to what they just left behind in the service.

    For veteran readers of the blog interested in various offers that companies in the industry are putting out there, Wilson Combat has a 10 percent discount on all their products, Faxon Firearms has a 25 percent discount off all products, and we’re sure that numerous other companies will be offering similar deals for active duty and retired service members.

    If you are a veteran, realize that we’ve surpassed many issues related to our service, mental and physical that few we will encounter have any idea about what we’ve been through, and are still going through. Realize that some of us are fighting battles greater than any in Helmand or Fallujah, and have lost that struggle to suicide. Such as my brothers from 1st Battalion 9th Marines: Kevin Schranz, Gregory Postiglione, Mathew Koppers, Julian Ortiz, Jason Roth, Christopher Stull, Frank DiBattiste, Austin Arnold, Zachary Solomons, Casey Campana, Ryan Smith, Mario Kletzke, Stiles, Christopher Hirsch, Guppy Higginbottom. For these Marines and Sailors, every day is a Veterans Day for their families.

    If you aren’t a veteran, text one that you know, send an e-mail, give them a call, go visit them in person. Let them know that you appreciate what they’ve been through, that their service doesn’t go undiminished. Ask them if they need help with anything, odds are they do, whether they admit it or not. But most importantly, many of us need to know that we are supported and a part of a community that cares for everyone in it, and now more than ever needs us to be a productive member of that population, and continue giving back to it. Thank you.

    I’d like to thank the veterans we have on staff at TFB as well.

    Tom R. served as a Corpsman within the Fleet Marine Force.

    Hrachya, served as an Infantryman in the Armenian Armed Forces.

    Corey served as a Marine Infantryman in OIF, in the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Or “The Push” as it has come to have been known in the service.

    Andrew served as a soldier in Afghanistan during OEF.

    Nathanial S. who served in a Marine communications outfit while in the great state of Indiana.


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