Legendary Firearms: Artistic Prints Of Classic Guns

    Based in both Belgium and the United States, a company called Legendary Firearms is working to reproduce classic-looking prints of historic firearms. Although pricing and other details have yet to be set, the upstart company hopes to have everything up and running for the holiday shopping season. Want a custom print of something unique or special? They may be able to accommodate you.

    LegendaryFirearms.net should be open for business soon.

    Legendary Firearms:

    The idea behind Legendary Firearms came when I saw a beautiful vintage illustration of an 1886 Lebel Rifle at the office. As a former army officer I thought to myself that such images could be beautiful in in my home. So I started to design a few for at home when my wife said that I should also offer them on Instagram.

    Now Legendary Firearms is working hard to officially launch with multiple prints before the Christmas holidays. Legendary Firearms has an office both in Belgium and the in United States in order to reduce shipping costs and delays.

    The products that we will offer at the beginning are vintage prints from classic firearms like the Colt 1911, The B.A.R., K98, RPG-7, mosin nagant,… and technical drawings. Vintage being classic drawings from the 1800s or World War 2 era illustrations. Both styles are represented here-under with an example of a technical drawing (with random dimensions just to give an idea):

    Important to note is that LF will also work on custom orders.  For example: we’ve already delivered prints for a retired police officer who wanted his old handguns framed and a custom order for a hotel and museum. Other prints are also coming but this remains a surprise for the time being.

    At the moment we are quality testing in order to obtain perfect everlasting prints.

    Legendary Firearms

    Legendary Firearms


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