TFB REVIEW: Dead Air Armament KYMO Silencer Mounts

    I consider my SilencerCo Saker 762 to be an ‘end-of-the-world’ rifle silencer. It is simply a beast, capable of eating high pressure rounds on short barrels. And if need be, the Saker can pull double duty as a blunt force weapon, hammer or a jack stand. However, it has one, albeit significant, weakness: the original Trifecta MAAD mount can release the Saker at less than opportune times. Thankfully, Dead Air Armament has created the KYMO, a near perfect mounting system that is compatible with MAAD equipped cans as well as their own Sandman line of silencers.


    The SilencerCo Saker with Trifecta MAAD mount and flash hider (left) and the Dead Air Armament KYMO and muzzle brake (right).

    I will get in to the details of the Trifecta mounting system failures in a moment. First, I’d like to note if that you are experiencing problems with your Saker mount, SilencerCo customer service will address any issues and get you back up and running in short order.  I have heard of shooters recieving replacement Trifecta MAAD mounts, brakes and flash hiders and even being upgraded to the ASR MAAD system, which is solid, but takes slightly more manipulation to install and remove than the topic at hand. Lastly, there are numerous SilencerCo Omega and Saker owners who have never experienced a single failure with their MAAD system.

    Point being, if you have a warranty issue, your first call should be to SilencerCo customer service. If you want to upgrade, your first stop should be your Dead Air accessories dealer.


    The Trifecta MAAD mount and flash hider.

    Now having said that, my Trifecta MAAD system had it’s issues since day one. Brand new out of the box, my Saker would not attach to my rifle’s flash hider. Removing the MAAD unit and calling customer service, I was able to get the mounting hooks/tines to open enough to get the silencer properly mounted. After engaging and re-engaging the locking system a few dozen times, I felt comfortable that the Saker would stay put. Until one day when I was ready to shoot, locked it in place and gave the big silencer a tug, and it slipped off the flash hider. I’ve heard (and seen) the stories of Sakers flying down range like rifle grenades – I definitely did not want to be that guy.

    As told to me by some talented engineers with an intimate knowledge of the MAAD system, the Trifecta is a genius design that is probably too complex to manufacture and use with any sort of consistency.


    The included shims to time the muzzle device.

    Enter Dead Air Armament. It is no secret that some former SilencerCo wizzards left to go on to bigger and better things, some of which ended up being the backbone of Dead Air. And one of the first tasks the new team took on was to finish what they had originally started – replace the Trifecta with a system worthy of a heavy duty rifle silencer. As such, the KYMO was born from the ashes (or tears) of unhappy Trifecta owners.


    The indexing notch on the KYMO mount ring will index at the 12 o’clock position if the muzzle device is properly timed.

    KYMO Installation:

    First, replacing the flash hider or muzzle brake. For most of us with barrels threaded to a standard 1/2 x 28 or 5/8 x 24 thread pitch, the original muzzle device is removed using an AR15 armorers wrench or the SilencerCo tool that came with your silencer by turning it counterclockwise. I recommend using a receiver block or better yet a reaction rod that fits into the locking lugs of an AR15 barrel extension to safely get enough torque to break your brake free (like that?).

    Once you spin off the muzzle device, clean the threads and inspect the barrel shoulder for any glaring issues.

    Each muzzle device comes with a set of shims of different thicknesses. Brakes should be “timed” – the ending rotation after torquing indexes the circular gas ports upwards. Usually I don’t feel the need to time/index flash hiders, however the KYMO mount is notched so that if the brake or flash hider is installed correctly, the notch/mount point will be in the 12 o’clock position. This will help with attaching the silencer without having to feel for the correct notch locations.

    Using a torque wrench is advised, but those with a few muzzle device installations under their belt will be able to tighten by feel. Semi-permanent installations should get a high-heat thread locker such as Rocksett.


    The internal lugs of the KYMO mount that mate up with the muzzle device.

    Installing the KYMO mount itself is also a simple task. Use the two wrenches that came with your Saker and align them so that squeezing them together rotates the original MAAD system counter clockwise. After removal, inspect and clean the Saker’s threads. Repeat the process in reverse to install the KYMO mount. There is no need for excessive force, just tighten until the two mating surfaces contact each other.

    If you are completely green to the basics of gunsmithing or are unsure at any point during the process, stop and contact a gunsmith or drop the guys at Dead Air a line for advice.


    • Mount: Key Brake or Flash Hider
    • Weight: 4.5 oz – Omega Mount; 4.6 oz – Saker Mount
    • Finish: Nitride and Cerakote®
    • MSRP: $259
    • Street: $150-$175


    Using the KYMO Mount:

    Besides being less intricate and more reliable, the KYMO mount differs from the Trifecta in that it only installs one way. The three internal lugs in the mount and the three notches on the muzzle device indexes into a single position. Rotating Saker/KYMO combination against the muzzle device, you can feel the difference in lug/notch sizes, until the whole unit drops into place.

    Alternatively, if you timed your flash hider or brake properly, the notch visible on the ring of the KYMO will index at the 12 o’clock position.

    Over the course of two months, I used my new Saker/KYMO setup on a variety of hosts, all of which functioned perfectly.

    A quick note about most quick disconnect silencer mounts – trying to remove a silencer that has cooled on a mount can be difficult due to material expansion and contraction. Warming up the silencer (usually by shooting through it) will expand the mount enough to loosen it up.

    The barrel profile on my PTR Industries K3P did not allow for the use of the 5/8 x 24sized shims. As a result, I picked up a flash hider that didn’t require the use of shims for timing.

    A couple rotations of the Saker and the KYMO releases from the flash hider or brake. Simple.

    I specifically requested a suppressor-ready version of the CZ Firearms bolt action rifle to test the KYMO on an atypical platform. As expected, the Saker slipped on and off without issue.

    KYMO Conclusions:

    Simply put, the KYMO is the rifle silencer mounting system that should have shipped with the original SilencerCo Sakers. It features a true one-handed operation for adding or removing the silencer, locks up tightly, releases easily and is dependable and reliable. Want an upgrade for your Omega or Saker? Dead Air has you covered.

    If you’re one of the many owners of a SilencerCo® Saker or Omega and have ever longed for a simpler and more reliable mount, your salvation is here. We’ve developed the Key-Mo™ to give your SilencerCo Omega and Saker a much-needed upgrade. Simply unscrew your existing mount, and thread the Key-Mo on. Your silencer is now compatible with the Dead Air Key Brake and Flash Hider – giving you the best mounting system in the industry.

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