SureFire X Haley Strategic Collaboration: D3FT Light

    Soldier Systems Daily announced a new light from SureFire. This time it is an exclusive collaboration with Haley Strategic.  The D3FT (Disruptive Environments Firefly Technique) is a single cell light loosely based on the E1 series of lights like the E1B. It will be 500 lumens on a single CR123. The ring at the base of the head works similarly to the combat ring found on older SureFire handheld lights. It is dubbed the SureFire Grip but it is also called the Rogers Grip or Syringe grip.

    Here is an example of how this grip is used on a classic Surefire C2.


    The idea is to utilize this grip style with a handgun.


    No mention how much this light will be just yet but SSD says it will be released next year.

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