New Clay Shooting World Record With an Upside Down Shotgun Held Over the Shooter’s Head

    Gould Brothers, well known in the shooting community for shotgun exhibition shooting, have set an incredible new world record. One of the brothers managed to shoot 8 clay targets in the air holding the gun upside down, over his head! Let’s watch the video of that trick shot and some behind the scenes footage.

    Even if there is no such official discipline in shooting sports as shooting clays with an upside down gun over your head, the unbelievable difficulty of this trick alone deserves to be considered as a world record. Anyone who shoots clay targets will agree with me that shooting a single target with the gun being held that way is close to being impossible for an average shooter. Even shooting at a stationary target will be a challenge, let alone shooting 8 targets in the air. Well, at least it is so for me.

    The Gould Brothers useĀ Winchester SX4 shotguns to make the most of their latest trick shots. Previously they were using the predecessor of the SX4, the SX3 shotgun. Once the SX4 was released, they pretty much switched to the new gun. They have a video comparing the two shotguns.

    If you like this kind of exhibition shooting, watch a couple of other recent videos by Gould Brothers:

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