Brownells F.A.K.E. News Broadcast with Woof Howitzer !

    Brownells has launched a video advertisement campaign where they tell about the best deals (sales, discounts, and whatnot) in between made up news with a good amount of humor and parody. “Fake News, Real Deals” – Brownells’ motto for this new project tells it all. The show will be aired every Wednesday and Sunday.

    The second episode featuring famous YouTuber Sootch00 and Anthony Imperato (the president of Henry Repeating Arms) is my favorite so far.

    You can find the first three episodes of this show embedded below.

    Besides posting on YouTube, Brownells has also a separate page on their website dedicated to this project. You can watch the same videos on that page, see the deals mentioned in the videos as well as find a number of other hot deals in “In Other News” section.

    I think this is a great project of delivering good deals seasoned with humor. Their marketing team or whoever started the F.A.K.E. News did an excellent job. Just look how well they’ve created the Woof Howitzer character.

    Obviously, this is also a good marketing tool for Brownells to promote the deals in this format.

    Hopefully, this show is not a temporary one dedicated to the Black Friday only and there’ll be more episodes after it.

    Hrachya H

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