New DeSantis Rigs for the Hudson H9 Pistol

    Hudson H9

    One of the more interesting new guns on the market is the Hudson H9. This pistol was developed by a small startup with the intent of blending the best features of the venerable 1911 platform with those of more modern pistols. Many of those that had a chance to shoot it at Industry Day at the Range in January were impressed. See a TFB from that event below:

    Since then, the gun has been released to the public. Early reports on the gun’s performance seem positive. John at Active Self Protection dropped his own cash (more than $1200 with tax) on one to review it here:

    Companies have begun to support the new pistol with accessories such as carry rigs like this modular product from Advanced Holster. More traditional leather companies are also jumping into the pool. DeSantis Gunhide is one of the most recent with two products: the #001 Thumb Break Scabbard and the #002 Speed Scabbard.

    The two rigs are similar in design and construction with one having a thumb break retention strap and the other being an open top. Both are 3-slot belt slide rigs made of leather with linings and basketweave imprints being custom options. Both models in standard configurations have a suggested retail price of $77.99.

    Richard Johnson

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