POTD: Blast From The Past: Hell-Fire Trigger System

    James shared this photo with me. He found this at a local gun store pawnshop that he frequents. They let him peruse their back stock room and he found a mint in packaging original Hell-Fire trigger system.

    Do you remember these commercials?


    Yes, that was Lenny Magill of The Glockstore wearing what looks like Oakley M-Frames.

    I question the information in that video. I do not see how a bump fire system “over shadows” a three round burst system. Are there three round burst systems that attach to trigger guards? The only three round bursts that I know of are the ones in select fire systems.

    Here is a copy of the approval letter that comes with the Hell-Fire.


    I question the validity of this system. Sure the spring helps assist with the trigger reset but doesn’t that make the trigger pull even harder? From the Lenny Magill video, it looks like they are just bump firing the guns. Unlike a Slide-Fire they looks like the guys who hook their fingers on their belt loops to bump fire regular semi auto firearms. Remember the Akins Accelerator? That ha a spring in it as well and that was deemed illegal by the ATF.

    Has anyone used an Akins Accelerator or this Hell-Fire trigger system?