South Korea’s First Anti-Material Rifle at ADEX 2017

    Although new to the English language defense industry due to ADEX 2017, S&T Motiv’s entry into the anti-material rifle market was first publicly unveiled in September of this year via a post on the popular Korean defense industry blog The anti-material rifle is a bolt action, single shot rifle chambered in 12.7x99mm (.50 BMG), weighing 12-14 kilograms (unloaded versus loaded with optics). Currently it appears that there is no magazine incorporated into the design and it is a single shot weapon, with it being necessary to manually load rounds into the chamber or feed way. It has a picatinny rail for optics that appears to be around 13 inches in length, the extra rail space for the mounting of thermal or infrared clamp on optics. The buttstock swivels to the left and appears to be held captive by a plunger or pin on the right side of the rifle. The barrel is fluted, and the muzzle brake contours to the general outline of the barrel itself. This barrel appears to be free floated or at least semi free floated.

    Korean troops have already adopted S&T Motiv’s K14 precision rifle in 7.62x51mm NATO, but this will be the countries first dedicated anti-material rifle. Whether or not it gets adopted by Korean forces we don’t know, it could also be exported to other militaries and law enforcement entities around the word. Another Korean blogger posted these photographs of the long range anti-material rifle that is currently still in development.


    These photographs are of much higher quality, and were posted back in September via the blog mentioned earlier, but they appear to have first been published in the Korean defense magazine, Defense Times-


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