Russian Less-Lethal SIG P226 Clone Chambered in 10x28mm

    Many successful firearm designs are copied and cloned by companies all over the world. In the case of the Russian company called Techcrim, not only they make a 9x19mm clone of a SIG P226, but also versions chambered in 10x28mm less-lethal caliber.

    Techcrim’s less-lethal pistol is called P226T TK-Pro. Unlike the original SIG P226, this one uses a simple blowback operation. It feeds from 10-round magazines. The Techcrim guns come with Cerakote coating. The 9x19mm version clone of the SIG P226 is virtually identical to the original pistol.

    The 10x28mm cartridge is specifically designed to be a less lethal one. It fires 11.5mm rubber bullets weighing 1.35 grams (about 21 grains) with a muzzle energy of 90 Joules (67 foot-pounds). It is a CIP standardized cartridge. Below is the CIP drawing of this cartridge.

    The 10mm case head is probably chosen not to make changes in the breech face and extractor/ejector dimensions when converting 9x19mm firearms into this less-lethal caliber. The overall length of the 10x28mm cartridge is 29mm which also makes it possible to fit into 9x19mm size magazines and frames. For the chamber dimensions and more information click here to see the complete CIP drawing.

    This pistol and ammunition are available for the civilian market in Russia. There is also a similar less-lethal pistol called P226 TC, which is available for law enforcement only. Techcrim also makes LE “high power” loads with a muzzle energy of 150 Joules.

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