Who owns Heckler & Koch?

    According to the German finance magazine BILANZ the former Managing Director of Heckler & Koch, Mr. Nicola Marinelli, wants to force his former employer before the Discritc Court to expose its true shareholders.

    As you may remember there was a another change of leadership in August 2017 at Heckler & Koch, check the press release here.

    Exactly when Mr. Marinelli left Heckler & Koch is unknown to me, but probably in 2016. I can only find a press release when he joined, and it seems they did not parts as friends.

    Below: From the Bilanz (Welt) article.

    According to Marinelli foreign investors have taken control of the Oberndorf firearms manufacturer. Changes of ownership like that would require a permit from the Federal Government, due to the nature of Heckler & Koch’s business.

    The London-based German Andreas Heeschen, who controls over 60 percent of the capital should, according to Marinelli, have handed over his shares to the French investor Nicolas Walewski.

    Mr. Walewski is the Managing Director of the London-based Alken Asset Management.

    Walewski controls the majority of the shares and actively engages in the bus

    iness of Heckler & Koch” – Marinelli told the BILANZ.

    Below: Heckler & Koch HK416 A7, named G95 by Germany.


    The magazine BILANZ have asked both Heckler & Koch and Mr. Walewski at Alken, but there have been no replies. Mr. Heeschen has through his lawyer announced that Mr. Walewski “has neither function nor influence at Heckler & Koch“.

    So it remains to be seen if a French investor secretly assumed control of Heckler & Koch or not.

    I can’t help but think of the possible co-incidence that Heckler & Koch HK416F was chosen by France recently and is now being phased-in to replace the FAMAS.


    Pictured below, the HK MR223 F-C, special edition and limited to only 30 to 50 rifles for the civilian market.



    Source: Presseportal BILANZ

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