S&T Motiv Unveil K2C-2

    New S&T Motiv K2C-2 (milidom.net)

    South Korea’s S&T Motiv (formerly Daewoo) have unveiled the next generation of their K2 rifle. Displayed for the first time at the Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition (ADEX 2017) the K2C-2 is expected to enter production in the 2020s.

    The K2C-2 is one of a number of updates to S&T Motiv’s catalogue, others include upgrades to the K3 light machine gun and the K12 GPMG as well as the K11 Dual-barrel air burst weapon (which combines a 5.56 rifle with a 20mm bolt action launcher).

    ROKA Special Warfare Force c.2013 armed with K1A carbines (ROKA/Jeong Seung Ik)

    The weapon is still very much under development and from the photo available looks to have changed very little externally. Indeed, at this point the model on display may be more a notice of intent than a work in progress. With the K2C-2 S&T Motiv have the future of the Republic of Korea’s Army in mind. The K2C-2 is said to offer greater modularity than the older K2 and K2C-1s currently in service. Little information on the new rifle is available but like the current K2C-1 the new rifle has a Picatinny top rail but retains a fixed rear and a folding integrated front sight. K2C-2 has an extendable and folding buttstock, and ambidextrous controls.

    The gas operated K2C-2 will have a 16 inch barrel as standard with a 12-inch carbine version also planned to replace the 5.56x45mm K1A. You can check out S&T Motiv’s full small arms catalogue here, the K2C-2 is not yet listed. S&T Motiv believe that following successful testing the production of the new weapon could begin in 2021.

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