POTD: Korean Made Glock Clone

    PK of PKDesignLab posted these pics of a Korean pistol displayed at the Seoul Air Show’s ADEX exhibition.

    It has similar stylings but once you take the slide of it really looks like a Glock inside.

    Other than a blatant copy of a Glock, the Koreans did manage to do something different from Glock, The frame is metal with a polymer grip. So for those of you who complain about Glock’s unsupported slide rails, there is a better option now. But it is in Korea. I wonder if someone will import these? I am curious how the slide to frame fit is compared to a Glock.

    It would be cool to see these imported in with inexpensive grips in different colors. While not as customizable like the P320, it does add an additional level that you do not normally get with a Glock since the entire polymer grip/frame is the firearm. Assuming the metal frame on the Korean Glock clone is the serialized part.

    I wonder how similar this pistol is to a Glock? Could it take Glock internals?