Hornady Expands their Offerings in the Precision Hunter Line of Ammunition

    Precision Hunter

    While reloading and hand-tailoring ammunition will give you the most accuracy for a specific rifle you own not everyone has the time, means or knowledge to do that. So Hornady, with their Precision Hunter line of ammo, have looked to fill that void of highly accurate ammo already boxed on the shelf for consumers.

    Jason Hornady, Vice President of Hornady, touched on his thoughts about the Precision Hunter line of ammunition and the addition of new calibers:

    Precision Hunter is one of the most successful ammo launches we’ve had. The original mission of Precision Hunter ammunition was for you to be able to extend your range, whatever that may be. It was extremely successful and you guys have spoken… we have added several different cartridges to this lineup.


    Those new calibers that Jason was referring to are pretty diverse and niche when it comes to both hunting and target shooting. The 8 new calibers being introduced into the Precision Hunter lineup can be seen below:

    • .25-06 REM 110 Grain ELD-X
    • .257 WBY MAG 110 Grain ELD-X
    • 6.5 PRC 143 Grain ELD-X
    • .270 WSM 145 Grain ELD-X
    • .280 ACKLEY IMP 162 Grain ELD-X
    • 7mm WSM 162 Grain ELD-X
    • .338 WIN MAG 230 Grain ELD-X
    • .338 LAPUA MAG 270 Grain ELD-X

    Neil Davies, Hornady Marketing Director, went on to rave about their ammo:

    Precision Hunter ammunition signifies essentially the pinnacle of performance. It is the best product that we could make for this particular application.

    The secret sauce, if you will, behind the line of Precision Hunter ammunition is theĀ ELD-X bullet with Heat Shield tip, and the fact that the ammo is doppler radar verified for “best-in-class” BCs (ballistic coefficients).


    At the time of this announcement, there are no MSRPs stated for any of the new offerings of ammo. Like all of Hornady’s new products for 2018, the pricing should become public knowledge very soon.

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