Review: Making A T91 Replica

    With the Wolf A1 upper receiver, you can make your own T91 rifle. But simply slapping it onto an AR-15 lower is only the first step. The T91 has some unique characteristics and thanks to T91 Tactical you can get even closer.

    A year ago, I got one of the few Wolf A1 upper receivers when it came out. I reached out to my friends overseas and they helped me get some accessories. They helped me get the T91 stock, pistol grip, rear sight (not the stupid charging handle type) and a picatinny rail system.


    Thanks to the help of T91 Tactical, I found out this railed handguard is by 利(Lih) 盈(Yng) Toy Co. LTD. It is an airsoft rail. However the quality is great and it is solid. I have easily over 1,000 rounds with this handguard installed and no sign of any degradation. T91 Tactical does offer a Keymod handgard for $175 as well as all the other T91 accessories. One thing they do not carry is the T91 magazine.

    One problem I had was the T91 stock is similar to an AR-15 carbine stock but the dimensions are completely different. It uses a proprietary buffer tube and the castle nut is different as well. I modified the detent so it can work with a normal AR buffer tube but it is not that solid. So I finally ordered a replacement stock, buffer tube and castle nut from

    Immediately you can see that the buffer tube is very different.

    The rectangular protrusion and channel are wider, plus there are only three positions


    Notice that the buffer tube threads have flat spot machined rather than your typical channel. You can also see how the castle nut is a knurled ring with holes for a spanner wrench.


    The final step to completing this replica is to make a replica lower. There are guys who have taken 80% lowers and had them engraved to match the T91 markings. Below is a photo of a real T91.

    And here is a photo of an 80% that was engraved and completed.

    I will eventually do this as well. One thing to note is that the T91 does not have lugs at the selector area and I have seen different variations of selector markings. Some have four positions S, 1, 3, A, while others only have three positions. I will probably machine the lugs off and have the 4 positions engraved.

    For more info on the T91 I recommend checking out the T91Tactical forums.

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