Hexmag Acquired by Sentry Products Group


    Hexmag caught the attention of a lot of shooters and have even had their products appear in various entertainment media sources like Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. More recently, it caught the attention of an another firearms industry company.

    agents of shield

    Sentry Products Group announced it has acquired Hexmag. Details of the acquisition were not released.

    Sentry Products Group is based in Virginia Beach and was founded by Mike Noell. Noell is known to many people as the founder of Blackhawk.

    The executive team of Sentry Products Group is largely made up of former Blackhawk executives – folks that were with Noell prior to the acquisition of Blackhawk by ATK (later spun off as a part of Vista Outdoor.) The team includes Terry Naughton and Eric Yeates, both of whom impressed me when they were with Blackhawk.

    In addition to Hexmag, Sentry Products Group has three other companies under its roof. They are Scopecoat, Slideboot and Sentry Solutions.

    According to a 2016 press release, Sentry Products Group acquired a manufacturing facility in Boise, Idaho. This is the same facility operated by Michaels of Oregon prior to its moving its manufacturing overseas. After Michaels of Oregon, Blackhawk used the same facility for manufacturing. It seems that Blackhawk during the ATK/Vista time let the facility go. According to the release, Sentry Products Group is now operating the facility and has employed at least some the former Blackhawk employees.

    Richard Johnson

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