POTD: Massive SureFire Weaponlight Collection

    Yu-Ju Chou really likes SureFire weaponlights. This is a collection between him and his friends. I count 42 pistols and 45 weaponlights. This was in Taiwan so all of these pistols are Airsoft. The G18C is a dead giveaway. Sure it could have been an FFL/SOT but it is not. All the SureFire weaponlights are legit. Even though there are some knockoffs of the current lights like the X300 and X400, there have never been replicas of the older weapon lights. The giant gray ones are the M111D. They have different model numbers for different variants. Some use Glock rail adapters, some have the remote pressure pad and some did not. The M111D is a Millennium weaponlight, like the M3 combat light, converted into a pistol light.


    The M111D is powered by 3xCR123 batteries and can use any M-series head. Below you can see the M111D with a 1,000 lumen LED head.

    The M111D and M3 handheld lights originally used these types of bezels and used incandescent bulbs.


    The third column on the right in the photo at the top are all using P111D. This is the 2xCR123 powered polymer pistol light. It uses the P60 lamp assembly you find in the SureFire 6P light. They only put out 60 lumens but a P61 bulb would give your light 120 lumens at a significant decrease in battery life. The odd thing about this weaponlight is that the batteries have to be installed backwards. Incandescent bulbs can handle reversed polarity and still function. Due to the battery terminals, there is only one way to install the batteries. This is a problem because you cannot use an LED upgrades since the polarity is reversed.


    The last two columns on the right are even older weaponlights. SureFire made housings that were pistol model specific and mounted to the trigger guard. They used a metal tube body and is basically the equivalent of attaching a SureFire 6P handheld at the end of the gun.

    These old classic weaponlights are not that common and fetch a decent amount of money for collectors. They can be a couple hundred to a few hundred dollars depending on the quality.