Makarov Pistol Laser Grip and Shooting Police Baton by KOMOLOFF [Interpolitex 2017]

    The Interpolitex 2017 exhibition held in Moscow, Russia, was a fairly large exhibition with a number of different solutions mainly for the law enforcement market. A small booth of a company called Komoloff caught my attention with a couple of interesting products.

    One of them was the police baton with a Picatinny rail and capable of being used as a shoulder-fired less-lethal weapon as shown in the image below.

    It is powered by a CO2 cartridge and shoots paintballs filled with CS gas or paintball sized rubber balls. The muzzle velocity is 110 m/s (360 fps). The paintballs are stored inside the grip which has a 7-round capacity. The rail section is for mounting optics to be able to aim this device. It is hard to imagine though using it as a baton with a sight installed.

    Another interesting product of Komoloff is a Makarov pistol grip with a built-in laser. The grip also features a transfer bar converting the heel magazine release into a thumb actuated one. The button sticking out the backstrap is what activates the laser once the gun is gripped. It felt a bit odd but worked well. Maybe replacing it with a paddle style button (something like 1911 grip safety) would feel better. They have also made a +2 magazine extension for the Makarov pistol magazine.

    A better texture for the grip would definitely be an improvement, too. The current one felt like a 3D printed plastic.

    Hrachya H

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