POTD: IDF Sniper Rifle

    I went to Cabela’s to pick up an order and took a walk in their used firearm section. On the counter they have this IDF Sniper Rifle certified by Springfield Armory.


    It was the giant night vision scope that caught my eye.


    If you recall, Miles posted up a TFBTV video about this scope just last month.

    Here is what the reticle looked like from the scope in the video. I assume this Springfield IDF Sniper Rifle scope is similar.

    Now this version is set up properly for the scope. As you can see in the photo below, the scope is offset as it was pointed out in the video above. Miles and his friend did discuss the lack of a proper cheekweld. Well the IDF version solved that with a massive cheekrest.

    From what I was able to find online, it has been reported that these “IDF Sniper Rifles” were brought back by Springfield and used as parts kits and they added the appropriate parts to regular M1A rather than the issued M14.

    Cabela’s wants $4,999.99 for this rifle. A bit on the pricey side for what it is. The AN/PVS2 scope can be purchased for under $600. However for Gen1+ technology you can get Gen2 night vision for not much more. Then add the cost of the M1A. Even with all the modifications, let’s say the rifle is $2,000. That makes the rifle only $2600 and if we round up to $3,000 I am still seeing a difference of $2,000. Is an additional $2,000 really worth it for a semi auto replica of an IDF Sniper Rifle with obsolete technology?