NEW for 2018: Hornady Rotary Case Tumbler

    Rotary Case Tumbler

    When it comes to cleaning and polishing your once-fired brass there are a lot of options out there for consumers. You can go with vibratory tumblers, sonic cleaners, different types of media, additives and selecting a duration for your brass to be cleaned is a consideration also. A less common, but a choice that is becoming more popular is incorporating steel pin media. To turn the idea of cleaning brass on its head, instead of vibrating, why not rotate? The new Hornady Rotary Case Tumbler is a marriage of all of these ideas.

    Rotary Case Tumbler

    Hornady Rotary Case Tumbler

    With a 6 Liter rubber lined drum that can hold up to 5 lbs of brass, regardless of caliber, you have significant capacity in a compact size. Steel pin tumbling media is included, which can be argued, gives your brass a more thorough cleaning process than softer medias like corn cob or walnut. By simply adding in some Hornady Cartridge Case Solution you are on your way.

    There will actually be two models available starting in 2018. One being a 110V while the other being a 220V. Either model you can set to run for up to 8 hours if you so choose or as little as 30 minutes. The touch pad, digital timer allows you to set a time in 30 minute increments.

    At the time of this product announcement by Hornady there has been no MSRP set for the 110V or 220V model. As we continue to creep closer to SHOT Show 2018 that may be announced or it could be withheld until the arrival of SHOT. We shall soon find out.

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