Ventcore holsters for the Glock Roland Special and Steyr L9-A1

    Stealth Gear USA is a company that started in 2012 that focuses on developing and producing holsters for handguns. Their VentCore holsters are the base of the company, and the technology offers for instance ventilated laser-cut ports to allow breathability of the holster to keep you cooler and drier.

    If you own a Glock “Roland Special” or a Steyr L9-A1 Stealth Gear now offers holsters for these pistols.

    I don’t own a Stealth Gear holster, but the VentCore technology sounds nice. As I put a Shield Red Dot on my Glock 17 I discovered that my holster no longer fit due to the red dot taking a little more space.

    The “Roland Special” holsters will also accommodate both the KKM compensators and the Texas Black Rifle Micro compensators.

    You can also select the “Trijicon RMR” cut on most of their holsters, this would be my choice for my next holster. I suspect (but don’t know) that the same cut will work for a lot of red dot sights.

    I spot 5 different holsters for the Glock Roland Special based on the Glock 19, 23 and 32.

    The prices seem to circle around 100 USD, depending on models and options.


    The VentCore holsters are handmade to your order. Expect a delivery time of around 30 days from order.

    You can find more information about Stealth Gear USA at their homepage:

    Eric B

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