KILN – Vitaly Bulgarov’s AR-15 DEX-stock

Do you remember Vitaly Bulgarov’s AR-15 DEX-stock?

If not please check last year’s article to refresh your memory and compare it to what the KILN (new name) project looks like one year after.

Most of the details are unknown at this time and KILN have asked for patience. A lot of patience.

The people involved are quite busy with their main jobs, but the project is coming along step by step. The constant asking for updates and other general questions is described as endless, and unfortunately will not do anything to speed up the R&D process.

KILN just released some new pictures. While we don’t know much facts you know the saying a picture is worth more than a thousand words…

While I like the design it looks quite heavy. Depending on what you’re using your rifle for, long range shooting for instance, this may not be a disadvantage.

Magazine from Surefire. Pelican case.

It looks like they are using an Ascend Armory AR-15 Matched Billet Receiver, without a forward assist.

The charging handle is a HABU from Falcon 37 Inc.

Here you can see the stock being adjusted in length.

Trigger looks very much like Elftman Tactical.

The facts at the moment are few, but TFB hope you have enjoyed the pictures.

Facts we know at this moment in time are as below:

FAQ – October 2017

Project Status: Very much alive!
ETA: None
Cost: TBD
Pre-Order: N/A


If you’re in the hurry you can always get the HERA Arms CQR Stock and CQR Front grip.

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