The German GSG9 to setup a new Anti-terror unit in Berlin

    The day before yesterday it was 40 years since the German Special Forces group GSG9 stormed the Lufthansa Flight 181 in Mogadishu, Somalia, and rescued all of the 86 passengers.

    The legendary German Anti-Terror unit GSG9 (Border Guard Group 9) is now setting up a new unit in Berlin. In total there will be four units.

    This brings back memories of Homeland Series 5, where the main events are taking place in Berlin and some of the events clearly relate to the new GSG unit’s main objective. It’s hard to tell facts from fiction these days.

    The new GSG9 unit is to to be specialized in CBRN defense and control. CBRN stands for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear defense. The other units are focused as well, like on maritime and airborne operations.

    Below: GSG9 with HK G36 and Night Vision Goggles. Peltors for the ears.

    From the GSG9 Press Release we can read (Auto translated)

    Location in Berlin

    Since the middle of 2017, the GSG 9 has been commissioned by the Federal Minister of the Interior to build up a further deployment unit with a location in Berlin. At present, comprehensive planning and organizational measures are taking place. The goal is to be on site in about 3-5 years with the planned target strength.

    In order to be able to realize this project, a second training course has been launched since this year.

    Exact data or facts, e.g. the location or the specialization we can not yet announce at the moment. As soon as there is news, this can be followed here.

    Below: “Knock-knock (or whatever it might be called in German), any body home?

    Possibly HK USP pistol

    The GSG9 also have a “Central services”, which is a group where I think most of the TFB readers would like to have their daily work.

    This group maintains the GSG 9 armory and is involved in testing, repairing and purchasing weapons, ammunition, explosives and other gear.

    In terms of firearms the list includes the kind of mandatory HK MP5, HK G36, HK416 and HK417.

    Of course they have the unobtainable HK MP7 as well.

    Below: The GSG9 abseiling from a helicopter down to a submarine.

    According to Wikipediathe majority of this unit’s missions are confidential and public information is not available. Since its inception, GSG 9 has participated in over 1,500 missions, yet reportedly fired shots only on five occasions (official count, prior to the 2003 Iraq War). These occasions were Mogadishu in 1977, Bad Kleinen in 1993, Aachen in 1999 and two more missions where firearms were used to shoot dogs of the persons being arrested.”

    Below: I presume this GSG9 diver is not wearing them, but the Team even had Adidas develop their own GSG9 Tactical Boot.

    You can find a little more information about the GSG9 here:

    Here’s a pretty cool video, don’t miss it. I spot both Trijicon and EOTech sights and some nice Belgian Malinois Dogs.

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