[IPAS 2017] Iranian Handguns and Rifle Development

    What was most telling about Iran’s Defense Industries Organization’s display at this years IPAS 2017 was what was not present at the show. Previously we’ve reported on Iran’s attempt at an AR15 copy (currently in service with some units, in a digital finish), Iran’s try at a modular service rifle the ‘Fatah’, even an interesting 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm Stoner/Kalashnikov combination. Of all these developments, only the MASAF, a locally produced, piston operated, Armalite copy that was introduced in October of last year. Along with what appears to be a locally produced copy of the Trijicon RCO, and the rifle appears to even have a 16 inch barrel.

    Modifications of Iran’s Kalashnikov clone were on display, most of the changes focusing on the telescoping Armalite style stock that also appears to fold to the left, in addition to an underfolder version with a modified flash hider.

    Also on display was the 9x19mm “M9-02”, which we reported on the announcement of in February of this year. It appears that not many modifications have been made to the Walter P99 copy. Along with this semi-automatic handgun was a revolver printed in a brochure but not actually present in the “steel” so to speak, in addition to what appears to be a locally made copy of a Sig Sauer design. 

    Compare the Sig copy to this earlier IPAS-


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