[IPAS 2017] Iranian Grenade Launchers and Anti-Material Rifles

    At IPAS 2017, Iran’s Defense Industries Organization showcased various grenade launchers and anti-material rifles the state owned company is bringing to the Iranian (and possibly Iran’s allied customers) market. Displayed first is almost an exact copy of the South African Milkor M32 six cartridge semi-automatic 40x46mm grenade launcher.

    In Iran’s case, this is simply a newer version of an earlier model displayed at IPAS, seen before in a desert digital camouflage pattern-

    Soviet era automatic grenade launcher copies were present at the exhibition as well. Soviet being the AGS-17. This has been displayed before, along with influenced copies of the U.S. Mark 19. However we haven’t seen the Mark 19 on display this year yet.

    This is from two years ago at IPAS-

    It appears that Iran has updated its single shot, bolt action “Shaher” 14.5mm anti-material rifle, adding a monopod from a single bipod leg, and changing the contour and design of the handguards from a spiral, circular ported (similar to the M2 barrel trunnion), to a slotted horizontal  pattern, with what appears to be diagonal slots in the handguard itself.

    As compared to an earlier version when first introduced-

    This is another earlier version with a full length Picatinny rail.

    My suspicion about the Shaher is that although Iranian forces do have an operational requirement for an anti-material rifle, it appears that Iran’s copy of the Steyer HS-50 is what is actively used, whereas these Shaher models appear to be specifically designed to be cheaply made and distributed throughout the MENA region to groups supported by Iran.


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