The WASHBEAR 3D Printed .22LR Revolver

    Without taking a political stance, recent events have once again brought “gun control” back into the national (and world) spotlight. My personal belief remains that the regulation and restriction of inanimate objects is useless as a means to controlling criminal actions. Not only are we less safe, but the divide between social and economic groups within the U.S. is exacerbated by treating its citizens like children. Besides, technology, and humanity, will always find a way. Imgur user Zimirken has demonstrated that the tools and materials to building functional firearms is becoming even more mainstream and accessible with 3D printing. Behold the WASHBEAR.

    Reminiscent of John Malkovich’s epoxy/resin build from In The Line Of Fire, the WASHBEAR is made in two parts held together with some bolts. An eight round cylinder and a 20-pound trigger pull top off the list of specifications. I’ll let the builder describe some of the other features.

    This is my PM522 WASHBEAR that I built this winter. It’s registered with the Michigan state police as is required by law. It was hilarious getting a call to come back into the office because I “accidentally” put my name in the manufacturer box. But I didn’t have any trouble with registration, and only had to talk to to the village secretary.

    The cylinder, unloaded. You can see the stainless steel tubing inserts. They only go half the length of the cylinder. After that it’s just rifled nylon.

    A top view of the frame. The frame is printed in PLA, because it’s way easier to print in. Some people think PLA is weaker than ABS, but in my experience it is very strong and people are just superstitious.

    Here is the breakdown. One bolt comes out to separate everything but the trigger. The handle has the required amount of detectable steel epoxied in to comply with the undetectable firearms act.


    It looks like the builder has something else in the works…

    A preview shot of my 1KJ plasma rifle, just finished, awaiting testing.

    Thanks to @timothy_usa for the original Instagram post and information.


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