MOLOT Introduces Four New Rifles Chambered in 9.6x53mm Lancaster [Arms & Hunting 2017]

    Molot has introduced four new rifles during the Arms & Hunting 2017 exhibition. All the new rifles are chambered in recently introduced 9.6x53mm Lancaster caliber and have oval bore rifling. According to Molot officials, these rifles are neither concept guns nor ones being developed but finished models which are already in production and will become available in the Russian market by the end of the year.

    Two of the new firearms are AK-style Vepr rifles with a variety of stock options: fixed, folding, collapsible, polymer, wooden etc. These rifles will be offered with different barrel lengths ranging from 420mm (16.5″) to 700mm (27.5″).

    Next up is a Mosin-Nagant rifle with a new walnut stock and new barrel. Molot has also added a recoil pad and muzzle brake to the rifle to mitigate the harsh recoil of the 9.6x53mm Lancaster cartridge. They have also slightly changed the internal shape of the Mosin-Nagant magazine to ensure the reliable loading and feeding of the new cartridge which is much thicker in the neck and bullet areas than the 7.62x54R cartridge. The Mosin-based rifle also has a dovetail side rail for scope mounting.

    The last one is a new bolt-action rifle called VPO-223 Yeger. It will come in a classic walnut stock as well as laminate stock shown in the image below. The rifle features a Picatinny rail machined on the receiver and a three-lug bolt with a plunger ejector.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to see their multi-caliber rifle which they didn’t bring to the exhibition because of legal certification delays.

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