Kalashnikov Group has launched Worldwide online ordering

    Before we all go crazy let us make this clear, the online ordering does NOT include any real, working firearms.

    According to Kalashnikov it is not possible to convert any of these mock-ups to fire live ammunition.

    Still it’s interesting to see Kalashnikov opening up this possibility for worldwide ordering.

    When I visited the Kalashnikov store in Patriot Park, just outside Moscow, earlier in this year I had the opportunity to examine and take apart some of these rifles.

    The look, feel, weight and some of the mechanism are very, very realistic. I certainly can’t see the difference between a mock-up or a real one until I had some time with the model. Me and my friends were astounded by how real they were.

    Just look at this rifle, very realistic.

    Of course I asked if we could take the rifle apart, and it still looks like the real thing.


    You can check the online shop here: https://shop.kalashnikov.com/products/weapon/

    One of the examples, text auto-translated from the Russian website:

    For instance the AK-103 is for sale for 15 300, which is about 270 USD.


    The AK103 was created in the framework of the “hundredth” family of Kalashnikov assault rifles to replace the outdated 7.62mm AKM and AKMS automatic weapons in service with special units of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies. The mass-dimensional layout of this machine gives a complete picture of the dimensions, mass and device of the machine, its convenience. The design of the layout completely excludes its alteration under the shooting of live ammunition. The mockup is in free sale, does not require any licenses and permits for purchase


    The “Junker 4”, pictured below, is one of the most premium rifles sold on the webpage, as comes with a pneumatic gas-cylinder rifle made on the basis of the AK74 Kalashnikov assault rifle. The rifle has identical dimensions and appearance of the original. Kalashnikov claims it’s designed for training and recreational shooting and to teach the basics of handling a Kalashnikov. For shooting, standard 8- and 12-gram cylinders with CO2 and spherical bullets of caliber 4.5mm are to be used used.


    A compressed gas cylinder, a valve assembly and a magazine are housed in a detachable box of the magazine. The trigger mechanism is self-cocking for each shot.


    It seems Kalashnikov are serious about shipping these models worldwide, looking at the Delivery and Payment Terms.

    Our shop delivers orders almost all over the world, in particulary – CIS, Europe, USA and Canada.  The full list of countries and time of delivery you can find by reference

    The shipment is carried out by the leading logistics companies: DPD, SPSR, EMS and others.

    We guarantee that you will get your order in time and in perfect condition.

    Payment can only be made by credit card at the website.

    Before you order, please check the legality of shipping and owning the replica in your country to avoid breaking any laws.

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics, thermals and suppressors. TCCC Certified. Occasionaly seen in a 6×6 Bug Out Vehicle, always with a big smile.