NEW: FightLite Industries RAIDER 5.56/.300BLK Pistol

    Every gun must serve a purpose. Said the most boring person in the world. The truth is, the new RAIDER pistol from FightLite Industries looks nearly useless in every defensive scenario I can think of in today’s world. However, for some strange reason (maybe it’s my new found love in the 870 with the short TAC14 firearm) I find myself drawn to this little blaster. Hitch up a silencer, drop in some subsonic 300BLK and you have yourself a party!

    Details on the new release are slim at the moment, but it’s obviously available in both 5.56mm as well as 300BLK. Although, I have to say, 300BLK is the only real choice for a 7.5” barrel length. At an $865 MSRP the price isn’t horrible, however they will definitely sell quite a few if the street price winds up near $650.

    If anything, it looks like something that would show up on Firefly.


    Meet the brand new Raider pistol in 300 Blk! The Raider successfully bridges the capability gap between a common handgun and an individual battle carbine, delivering accurate overmatch performance compared to common pistol-caliber handguns and shotguns at extended shooting distances. OAL is 20.25” with a 7.25″ barrel, weight is 3.9 lbs, it can utilize all standard GI type detachable magazines and is also offered in 5.56 NATO for economical practice! MSRP is $865. – See it next week in Booth 233 at NASGW!



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