Thrym Releases Updated Switchback

    Thrym Switchback 2.0

    Thrym announced the company was now making a new version of the Switchback ring for tactical flashlights. The new Switchback 2.0 is an evolution of the original ring taking into account feedback from users received since 2014.

    You can see information on the original Switchback in this article here.

    Thrym Switchback 2.0

    Modifications to the design include the following:

    • The thumb rest (the curved part on the outside of the ring) is wider with jimping to improve traction.
    • The pocket clip is stronger. Additionally, it is┬árepositioned to allow for deeper carry in a pocket. An additional benefit to the clip redesign is that it can be attached to PALS webbing on a plate carrier, pouch or bag.

    Thrym Switchback 2.0

    • The lip of the Switchback that goes over the body of the flashlight has crush ribs that allow for a more secure fit with a variety of flashlights that have similar, but not identical, diameters.
    • Thrym includes an aluminum spacer that makes the unit compatible with the Streamlight ProTac HL and ProTac HL-X. According to the company, this spacer allows for the use of other lights that have a size similar to the Streamlight models.
    • As a safety feature, the ring that goes around the finger will break free under heavy torque to help prevent serious injury to the user. However, the ring resets quickly and is not permanently damaged.

    To see the flashlight models that have been tested to work with this product, click here. The Switchback 2.0 is made in the United States of America. It has an MSRP of $19.99.

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