FAB Defense AK Handguard and SKS Stock Prototypes [Arms & Hunting 2017]

    FAB Defense has introduced a couple of new product prototypes during Arms & Hunting 2017 exhibition held in Moscow, Russia. One of them is a new handguard for the AK-47 type rifles and the second one is an SKS chassis. Both products are still in development and only the 3D printed prototypes were shown during the expo.

    The internal geometry of the AK handguard allows mounting it on the rifle without the need to remove the original handguard retainer. It has a built-in top Picatinny rail with machined out middle portion not to interfere with the iron sights. On the sides and the bottom of the handguard, there are M-LOK slots.

    The front portion of the AK handguard has a downward angled shape designed for the so-called C-clamp grip shown in the images below. The geometry of that portion allows to firmly grab it and have a forward stop for your thumb preventing it from sliding forward. The lower positioned thumb also doesn’t come in the way of the iron sights.

    The handguard also features QD swivel sockets on either side. According to FAB Defense employees, in order to disassemble this handguard, one needs to rotate the gas tube locking lever and the handguard will come loose and can be removed.

    Next prototype introduced by FAB Defense is an SKS chassis. It has an AR-15 compatible folding stock. Possibly there will also be a fixed stock and recoil reducing stock versions. The chassis features Picatinny rail sections at top and bottom of the forearm. It is possible to mount side rail sections, too. There are also QD sockets above the pistol grip.

    Overall, both prototypes are really interesting and should have high demand once released to the market.

    Hrachya H

    Managing Editor

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