Exclusive Polymer80 Handgun Frames Available at Brownells

    Polymer80 FDE

    Brownells announced that it partnered with Polymer80 to offer a number of exclusive pistol frames. The frames are unfinished (aka 80% frames) meaning the buyer would need to finish them prior to building a pistol. Once completed, the buyer can finish the build with either Glock 17-size parts (for the larger frame) or Glock 19-size parts (for the smaller frame) to make a functioning firearm.

    Since these are unfinished frames, they are without serial numbers and can be shipped directly to you under federal law in the United States of America. Local and state laws may vary, so check you local regulations.

    The new frames all have a grip texture that is more aggressive than the standard Polymer80 frames. While I find the standard texture ok, I imagine I would like the more aggressive texture just fine.

    Five different colors will be offered in each frame size: coyote tan, black, grey, flat dark earth and olive drab green. Any size frame with any color carries a retail price of $149.99.

    Polymer80 FDE

    I’ve completed a larger frame Polymer80 pistol and found the finishing process easier than completing an AR-15 lower (and that’s not terribly hard.) That was with the included jig. However, the Ghost Gunner 2 promises to make the process even easier, though there is some significant capital outlay.

    These frames are only compatible with third generation Glock parts. Fortunately, those are plentiful and mostly inexpensive. If you like dealing with Brownells, the company even offers its own third generation G17 compatible slides.

    Richard Johnson

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