POTD: The Redeeming – Sci-Fi Revolver

    I found this photo posted in a Facebook group. It was designed by Les Forges MDK Concept Design.

    An entertainment design project for a video game.

    Equipped with a double shot .50 barrel plus an automatic 9mm.



    It looks cool but could it work? Sure I could see a double barreled .50 S&W but an underslung semi auto 9mm? I just do not see how the trigger mechanism has to room to release a firing pin or striker for the 9mm.

    Take a look at the magazine below. It appears to store the rounds vertically and they rotate 90 degrees to be chambered into the 9mm.

    The optic is comically oversized for no good reason. Maybe if this was a pistol from the 80s and equipped with an early Laser Products aka SureFire laser like in the movie Terminator.