Ruger’s New AR-556 with Magpul Furniture

    Ruger AR-556 with Magpul

    It might be a slow sales time for the AR platform, but Sturm, Ruger & Co. appears to be making use of the excess time on the production line to introduce a range of variants that may appeal to its customers. Recently, the company announced the AR-556 MPR. Now, it introduces the AR-556 with Magpul furniture.

    The new model is the same basic rifle as the original AR-556. However, this version includes a Magpul MOE adjustable stock and a Magpul MOE M-LOK hand guard. The rifle also includes a 30-round PMAG, but these magazines are included with the original AR-556 already.

    I’ve reviewed the AR-556 and found it to be a capable rifle with a reasonable price tag. It was my opinion then that the two modifications I would make on my own AR-556 would be to add a CTR stock (another Magpul stock that is very similar to the MOE version) and this hand guard. For a price of only $50 more (MSRP: $849,) I¬†seems to be a good bargain.

    Ruger AR-556 with Magpul

    Without a doubt in my mind, Magpul has become one of the most successful firearms accessory companies in the marketplace today. With good reason: the company combined excellent marketing technique with practical products that are reasonably priced. In nearly any market, that would be a winning combination.

    Because of the popularity of Magpul, some manufacturers offer guns with that company’s products already installed. Smith & Wesson, for example, has offered multiple different guns with Magpul equipment standard.

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