Cyprus National Guard to get X95s, AI Rifles, SF to receive SCARs

    The defense forces of Cyprus will soon be turning in their H&K 7.62x51mm G3 rifles for 5.56x45mm X95s in a recent deal between the government of Cyprus and Israeli Military Industries. The X95 is already seeing limited issue, most recently at an annual independence day parade held on the first of October. In addition to the G3s currently in service, the National Guard (active component, including reserves, not the same as the U.S. National Guard), also has AK74s in service that these X95s will most likely be replacing as well. Not pictured, but mentioned in the article is an “Accuracy sniper rifle, which has an effective range of three kilometres”. This is most likely referring to Accuracy International, and in particular probably the .50 BMG AX50 precision rifle, due to the long range specified, and the lack of a current anti-material rifle in the Republic of Cyprus’s inventory.

    From the article-

    The Israeli-made Tavor Χ95 assault rifle is to gradually replace the ageing G3 assault rifle. In addition, the National Guard will be acquiring new grenade launchers as well as the Accuracy sniper rifle, which has an effective range of three kilometres.

    Additionally, the paper said, the military aims to enhance its arsenal of heavy weapons through the purchase of battle tanks and field artillery.

    The National Guard was said to be conducting an overall assessment of its armaments. Officers have for years been calling for upgrades, which were put on ice due a combination of the financial squeeze but also talks to reunify the island.

    The parade also revealed that the Special Operations component has been receiving FN Herstal SCAR-Ls, along with accompanying MK 13 UBGL, Aimpoint CompM4 red dot optics, and what appears to be a rail mounted light. A recent article on talks about the SCAR purchases, in addition to having an excellent display of photographs portraying the parade itself.


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