Loaded Kimber Pro Carry II Found in a River

    Kimber Pro Carry II with Surefire flashlight

    Remember that StG-44 found in an attic in Poland we posted about last week? Well here’s another post about a gun that was stumbled upon, this time by some guys on YouTube who search for treasure in rivers. Finding firearms in rivers is surprisingly common. Earlier this year I posted about a possible murder weapon that was found by a diver in Georgia.

    Recently a father and son in the UK dredged up a cache of weapons while searching for scrap metal with a magnet. They found an AK, two M16s, a Bren, Enfield, M1 Garand and some StG-44s as well as a bunch of pistols. There was also that time when a bunch of machine gun parts were found in a river a few years back. The guys in the video below were having a good haul for the day, they found some Ray-Bans, Bluetooth speakers, a hearing aid and even a functioning Go-Pro Hero Plus. Then they stumbled on a military bag and inside was a loaded Kimber Pro Carry II (the picture of the Kimber above was actually from our review of the Pro Carry II). Also with the bag was a watch, an extra mag, a knife, some cash and car keys. The guy that found it contacted the police and turned the gun over to them, they ran the serial number and the Kimber wasn’t reported as stolen.

    Guys, when we say we lost our guns in an unfortunate “boating accident” it’s a joke. Right?

    Ray I.

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